Performance Matters Data Dashboard

School Overview Dashboard currently provides visuals for:

Gender, Race, EL, Migrant, IEP, Absent Rates, Discipline Rates, Individual Test Analysis by Standard

Report Filters currently include:

Additional Filters>Add Student Filter 



IEP (yes/no)

IEP Category (Special Ed, Gifted, Not IEP)

LEP (yes/no)

LEP Category

Migrant (yes/no)


Current Grade

School of Enrollment


School Type (Level)

School of Instruction


Course Type




Early Warning Indicators

Absence Events (10+)

Attendance Rate

Course Failures

Behavior (5+)

Multiple Warnings

Custom Student Filters:

Section 504 (yes/no)                           

RTI (yes/no)

RTI Tier

RTI Type


Homeless Status (yes/no)

Homeless Category

Foster Care (yes/no)

Baseball Card/Scoreboard Report Data currently includes up to three years of: 

  • Common Assessment completed in PM
  • Grades (Stored Grades)
  • Outside Measures
    • ACT Results
    • TDOE Chronic Absenteeism Data
    • FastBridge Results (fluency and standards based)
      • SAEBRS Results (teacher and student)
    • Mastery Connect Results
    • TVAAS Projections (percent probability of passing and projected percentile)
    • WIDA Access
  • Early Warning Indicators
    • Absence Events
      • 10+ Absences
    • Behavior
      • 5+ Incident
    • TCAP Results
      • Domain Percent
      • Domain Points
      • Growth
      • Prior and Current Year NCE/Scale Score
      • Achievement Grouping Indicator
      • Percentile
      • Performance Level
      • Proficiency

Support/Resource Videos & Guides

January 2023 Principal Resources

Data Location - Performance Matters File Structure

Performance Matters uses a folder/subfolder file structure within the Baseball Card/Scoreboard reports. The following are the current locations of available data. If you are unable to locate a data element, please email [email protected] so we may update this document or add the information if it is available. 

  • ACT Results
    • Outside Measures>ACT Attempts
  • Attendance (student who have missed 10+ days)
    • Early Warning Indicators>Absence Events
  •  Discipline (student who have 5+ incidents)
    • Early Warning Indicators>Behavior
  • Classroom Grades
    • Grades
  • Common assessment results from CASE
    • Outside Measures>CASE
  • Common assessment results from Mastery Connect
    • Outside Measures>Mastery Connect
  • Common assessment results from Study Sync
    • Outside Measures>Study Sync
  • Chronic Absenteeism Student Data from TDOE
    • Outside Measures>Chronic Absenteeism
  • ELPA WIDA Access results
    • Outside Measures>WIDA Access
  • FastBridge Results
    • Outside Measures>FastBridge
  • Imagine Language and Literature student results
    • Outside Measures>Imagine Language and Literature
  • Imagine Math student results
    • Outside Measures>Imagine Math
  • SAEBRS results
    • Outside Measures>FastBridge
  • TCAP student scale score results
    • Outside Measures>Scale Score
  • TCAP student projections from TVAAS/EVAAS
    • Outside Measures>Student Projections
  • TCAP student results from 2021-2022 (scores, percentiles, growth, domain results)
    • Outside Measures>TCAP

Performance Matters Data Uploads

3/29/2023 – Imagine Learning middle of the year results

3/28/2023 – Mastery Connect end of the year results (ELA 6, 7, 8) and middle of the year results (Math 7) 

3/20/2023 – Mastery Connect middle of the year results (English I, English II, Math 2)

3/1/2023 – Mastery Connect middle of the year results (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry)

2/27/2023 – Mastery Connect middle of the year results (Math 4, 5, 6)

2/1/2023 – Mastery Connect beginning of the year US History results, 21-22 FastBridge (aMath, aReading) Growth Percentile Fall to Winter and Growth Percentile Winter to Spring, 2020-2021 TN Ready 3rd Grade Percentiles

1/25/2023 – AP Student Projections 

1/11/2023 – FastBridge middle of the year results

1/3/2023 – Mastery Connect middle of the year results (Math 3, Math 8, ELA 2, ELA 3, ELA 4, ELA 5)

11/28/2022 – Mastery Connect beginning of the year results (Math 2, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, middle school Algebra I)

11/14/2022 – Mastery Connect beginning of the year results (Math 5, Math 6, Math 7, College Prep)

11/3/2022 – 2021-2022 WIDA Access results

11/1/2022 – Imagine Learning beginning of the year results

10/25/2022 – FastBridge SAEBRS beginning of the year data

10/18/2022 – Mastery Connect beginning of the year results (English I, English II, Math 3, Math 4, Math 8)