Conducting Research

INS-P014, Attachment A, Rev. B¬†Individuals interested in conducting research within the Clarksville Montgomery County School System (CMCSS) must first seek and receive permission from the District Research Committee. The procedures for this process are outlined in INS-P014. The district has also created ‘A Handbook for Research Procedures’ which outlines the steps necessary to receive permission to conduct research. Both of these documents are linked here.

CMCSS Research Procedures Handbook
Outline of Research Procedures

CMCSS does not conduct a formal IRB for research. However, we do have a district level Research Committee which must approve all research prior to any data collection. Additionally, if the institution an individual is conducting research which requires an IRB from their governing body the district must have a copy of the researcher’s approved IRB as part of the application to conduct research. This and other requirements necessary to conduct research in CMCSS are outlined in the linked handbook above. Questions and/or applications may be sent to:¬†[email protected].