Gradebook Common Errors and Information

Welcome to the gradebook common errors and information page! Check out the videos below demonstrating how to correct common gradebook errors that might have occurred in your gradebook. If you have any questions about how to correct errors, please contact Rachel Partain, [email protected] or your Technology Integration Coach.

PowerSchool Quick Lookup for In District Transfer Grades

Elementary – Entering In District Transfer Grades



Gradebook Common Error Videos

Gradebook Discrepancy

*Please note* The gradebook discrepancy error is sent to both the gradebook teacher and the stored teacher listed on the report. For example, when a student transfers between schools, the gradebook grade and the stored grade must match in all locations. Take a moment before changing the grade to determine the student’s grade. Then, communicate with the other teacher listed to ensure the student’s grade is accurately reflected across all locations. 



Term Weights

Term weights are set at the district level, and in MOST situations, you will not need to change the term weights in your gradebook. The exceptions include middle school Algebra I teachers and high school NON EOC teachers. Below are the term weight settings with and without the end of the year assessment. If you are a middle school Algebra I teacher or a high school NON EOC teacher and you need assistance in changing your term weights, please contact Rachel Partain, [email protected] or your Technology Integration Coach.



Middle School Algebra I